At All Court Tennis we believe that physical activity is an essential part of any happy lifestyle regardless of ability, ambition or experience.

Our goal is to give kids confidence on the court and keep them playing tennis for life.

Tennis Is Great For Kids


If you’re looking to introduce your child to a sport, tennis is a great choice. Anyone who has played the game can attest to the wide range of skills involved. Tennis is unique as it presents both mental and physical challenges, promoting strong psychological and physiological development. 


The primary school and early-secondary school years are a crucial time during which children acquire complex technical skills.Tennis provides countless physical benefits for kids of this age – from hand-eye coordination to gross and fine motor skills, all the while building speed, agility, balance and flexibility – not to mention promoting cognitive capabilities such as concentration, problem solving and elevated self esteem.



Tennis is also a great sport for teaching children sportsmanship, honesty and integrity – it’s one of the few sports where your opponent can also be the referee. As an individual sport it teaches children to rely on themselves to overcome obstacles. And in doubles, children learn to work together and understand what it means to play as a team.



Will Wilshere is the founder and Head Coach at All Court Tennis where he has been developing players since 2004. He is a certified instructor with Tennis Ireland and the Professional Tennis Registry (PTR), a certified Director of Tennis with Tennis Ireland and has a first class Diploma in Sports Psychology.

Will is Head Coach and Director of Tennis at Claremont Railway LTC, a thriving South Dublin Club with a vibrant and friendly atmosphere. CRLTC is proud to offer an extensive junior programme and recognises the importance of building a strong junior section in the club.

Our ambition at All Court Tennis is to teach kids to love the game! The coaching programme is designed to be fun and exciting, providing kids the opportunity to develop their own unique style through a process of discovery. We keep them motivated and look forwarding to their next time on court.

All Court Tennis is well known for producing a learning environment based on encouragement, a quality team of coaches who care, and plenty of opportunities to play tennis outside of coaching. From recreational to competitive players, there’s something for everyone.

Additional programmes range from “Stay & Play” where kids can play casually and hang out together, to Leinster Tennis events and the “All Court Cup” which are regularly hosted at the club. These events provide the perfect introduction to competitive play, an essential part of becoming a tennis player and staying in the sport for life.


  • Tennis Ireland Level 3 Performance Coach
  • Leinster Squad Performance Coach
  • Leinster Inter-Provincial Coach/Captain

Christine is a crucial part of the coaching team, she is a direct link to Leinster Tennis in both her administrative work organising Tennis 10s events and as a coach for the Leinster Squads. She is passionate about growing and developing players and is known for bringing fun and lots of energy to her sessions.



  • Tennis Ireland Level 2 Coach
  • Head of Adult Coaching and Kids Summer Camps at CRLTC

Ciaran is a homegrown talent, brought up on the courts of CRLTC he ventured to gain experience working alongside some of Ireland’s best coaches, before returning back to where it all began. His love and enthusiasm for tennis are unrivalled and this shines through in his coaching sessions. Talk to Ciaran about kids summer camps and adult group coaching at CRLTC.


  • Tennis Ireland Level 1 Coach
  • Head of Mini Tennis at CRLTC

Michelle has a special ability to connect with kids, you will always see them leaving her court happy and excited to return for the next lesson. Her sessions are well organised, thoughtful and she always gets the best out of her students. Michelle also has experience working with neuro-diverse kids both on and off the court.

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